From Nah to Yah – Dr Gan

This morning, my colleague asked me “What do you enjoy the most being a dentist?”

Well, there are many answers to it.

Among all, changing the perception of a patient seeing dentist is very satisfactory.

Giving my patient the confidence to smile is what drives me to work everyday!


This patient, Moon, was terrified to see a dentist.

The first time I met her, she refused to sit on the dental chair. (Just in case you wonder, she is not a child.)

I had to do all the behavioral managements to help her conquered her fear,  just to sit on the dental chair.

We did  just consultation and cleaning at the first visit to desensitize her fear.

Her ultimate goal was to get her teeth straighten. She always admired people with beautiful teeth and she longed to be admired by others one day.

                     Before composite veneers


After the first visit, she was much comfortable to receive treatment that I planned for her.

The next step was to get her lower teeth straighten.

Even though she had doubt in what I said would be painless, but her wills to be beautiful was more than her fear.

Hence, she came to get her teeth fixed.

She was surprised that the procedures was much easier than what she imagined.

She always thought no pain, no gain; but the procedures for composite veneers proved it wrong!


                         Her lower teeth got fixed!


After fixing the lower teeth, she returned to fix her upper teeth with great confidence.

This time, she did not hesitate at all to sit on the dental chair.


                           I loved her new smile!


From a person who fears to fearless !

From crooked teeth to beautiful smile!

From Nah to Yah!

I am glad that we made it!

Should you have any doubt in this case, or should you want to join Moon to have beautiful smile , please do not hesitate to write to me @

Thank you.

Dr Gan

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