A Long-Overdue Transformation – Dr Tan Swee Ling

Everyone should have 2 sets of teeth. First set is our cute and adorable milk teeth, next should be replaced by adult teeth. However, there is a minority who does not have the successor adult teeth to replace the milk teeth. This condition is rather common, and there is nothing wrong with the body, not an alarming condition, known as, Hypodontia, or Congenitally Missing Teeth.

Taufiq has a total of 4 missing teeth. 2 lower central incisors, and 2 lower premolars. However he is only concern is his appearance. His occlusion is good, function was not impaired from the missing premolars.

Notice he has 2 mini-sized teeth on his lower jaw, and overall yellowish appearance from his daily coffee fix.

All he said to me was, ” Doctor, I trust you. I just want to look normal! Please advice.”

Feeling honored, I suggested that we should remove these 2 little guys, and we get a bridge to replace those missing teeth. He was obviously a little scared and nervous about my suggested treatment plan. Regardless, he mustered all his courage, he agreed, to be continued the next day.

He walked into the treatment room all terrified, but all prepared as well. Just to calm his nerves, I sat him down, explained the entire process to him again. We started when he was ready.

2 hours later..

Temporary bridge was placed. We obviously would not send him home with a huge gap on his lower jaw. He would not be able to smile or talk to anyone at all!

When he saw himself after the procedure for the first time, he was is awe! “Oh wow!”, he exclaimed. It was a pleasant surprise to him. As he was admiring his teeth, it suddenly hit him, his teeth are looking rather yellow. ” Can I do whitening?”, he asked. Well, of course he can. He decided to continue with whitening.

1 more hour later..

This is his final result. We were both very pleased.

This is still an ongoing transformation, permanent bridge shall be on its way. =)


28th Nov 2018

After patiently waited for a month, Mr Taufiq now has a brand new smile!


Know someone with similiar problem? Would like to have an amazing change like dashing Mr Taufiq?
Please feel free to contact me at tansweeling@story.drfauziah.com

Have a great week ahead folks!


Dr Tan Swee Ling

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3 years ago

Why he can’t do crowning for the two mini sized teeth?