An hour well spent: Dr Nik

A visit to a dentist to some people is like going to a torture chamber. The screeching sound of the cleaning and drilling machine is far from pleasant…and on top of that, if you had a very bad experience with dental treatment before, the fear is doubled.

That is why there are people who had not been visiting dental clinic for many years….and I had one recently. She is a very nice , soft spoken lady who admitted to me her fear of dental treatment before even sitting on the dental chair!.

“My last dental treatment was when I was still in school…I’m really scared of getting dental treatment and had been postponing  it until now. I saw the makeovers done here and I really need to get my front teeth look better too as the old fillings are very discoloured now”

She knew our clinic from our instagram page @klinikpergigianfauziah and told me that she was inspired by the makeovers done at our clinics and ultimately found her courage to come over her fear and get the treatment done.

I took my time talking to her to ease her nervousness while checking her overall dental condition and once I felt that she was much more comfortable, I proposed my treatment plan for her. It actually comprises of few visits as she has other cavities to be filled as well. On this first visit I did scaling and  fillings on her right upper and lower back teeth and scheduled another appointment for the front teeth.

On her second visit, she came in cheerfully and was eager to get her front teeth done. I was so happy when she told me that she enjoyed her last visit with us and was actually looking forward to her appointment with us.

In Klinik Pergigian Fauziah, our patients’ comfort is our priority and we will always do our best to make your dental experience a pleasant one…and when patients said that they are actually looking forward coming here, we knew that we had achieved one of our governing value that is customer wow!.

Beautiful smile transformation achieved by replacing her old discoloured fillings.

On her second visit, I tended to her main concern that was her front teeth. It was a cosmetic filling treatment to change her all her old composite fillings and gave her a brand new smile. It took me an hour or so to complete the transformation and she was in awed with her new smile.

“This is so beautiful doctor….thank you so much..” was what she said the moment she looked at her new smile. I knew that I did a good job when I saw her reaction. “You are most welcome dear….It really was an hour well spent, wasn’t it?. She nodded while her eyes still looking at her reflection in the mirror. “I’m so happy doctor…when is my next appointment?….I just can’t wait to complete all the treatment needed”

So…I set another appointment on which I did the needed fillings on her upper and lower left side and started on treatment to replace her missing tooth. I’ll be seeing her again in two weeks time to continue the treatment and probably start on treatment to close gaps on her front lower teeth.

Looking forward to seeing her soon! ….and side note of thank you to this patient for bringing us banana fritters and some kueh on her last visit…thank you!


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