Do you know anyone who is wearing face mask because their front teeth just chipped off or you yourself have experienced this?

Yes, it is truly a horrible situation especially if your jobs requires you to deal with people. Instead of listening to what you are saying, they are looking at your broken teeth! This is what Awin had to endured last weekend. Her upper anterior  tooth chipped off while she was working. She is a pharmacist at a private hospital in Kuala Lumpur. Thank God, she was on her lunch break and she quickly put on a face mask to covered her broken teeth and resume her shift after that. After she finished her shift she quickly Google-ed the net to find a dentist that can fix her teeth. She found us, read our blogs and impressed by our work. She immediately called us and set an appointment with me.

The right upper anterior badly broken down and the presence of the yellowish stain on it.

I did the thorough check-up and found that Awin needed to do scaling and filling on her other teeth as well. I told Awin about it. However I also ensured  her that I will attend to her chief complaint, which is her upper broken tooth and I will do the rest of the treatment on another schedule appointment. She smiled to me and nodded signalling me to proceed with the treatment.

In Awin ‘s case, I only need to do two upper veneers and one composite resin filling to improve her smile. In less than 60 minutes, I fulfilled her wish to look beautiful again.

After. Bringing back her confidence to smile again.

I handed her a mirror and as I expected, she grinned from ear to ear.

“So, what do you think Awin?” I asked.

“Wow! Brilliant job doctor! I am impressed.” She replied. “No more face mask for me.” She added while laughing hard.

Before we said our good bye, I reminded her that she still need to come again to complete the rest of her treatment plan. She promised me she will do that and immediately booked an appointment for her next treatment.

I knew Awin was happy with her new look. She kept smiling and flashing her new smile to our staff at the reception area!

Another happy patient for the day.


Dr. Dini (dini@story.drfauziah.com)

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