Black Teeth! – Dr. Adyan

“Doc, please help me. All my front teeth are black!”


I vividly remember this young patient in her early 20’s who came in to see me a few days ago. She was very soft spoken, and her skin was glowing with youth.


I asked her what had happened.


“Well, since I was little, when I visited the dentist, the dentist told me that I have to fix the holes on my front teeth. But I ignored it all these years. Finally now I think I need help,” she admitted.


I smiled to calm her down, and ensured her that I’ll do my best to help her out.


“Let’s see what we can do for you,” I said before I started examining her teeth.


Before she let me examine her teeth, she told me that she had a certain amount of budget to fix her tooth. I told her not to worry as we’ll plan the treatment to fit her budget.


She seemed a bit more relaxed and finally I could examine her teeth.




The ‘black’ part are caries (holes/cavities) which are actually much bigger than seen here




As soon as I lift her upper lip, it was evident that she had multiple big caries on her four front teeth. On two of the teeth, the caries was very big it was almost half of her whole tooth.


In addition to that, do you notice that one of the central incisors was slightly shorter than the other one? And how one lateral incisor was not of the same shape as its counterpart?


I explained to her about the condition of her teeth. She understood why her teeth were like that. I proposed to her to do fillings for all her four front teeth. However, since two of the teeth had massive caries that might have involved her nerve (pulp area), she may need root canal treatment if she experiences any pain or swelling later.


She agreed on doing fillings first to fix her teeth.


Although from the front view it doesn’t look very big, when I started to dig out the carious (rotten) tooth part, I noticed that her caries were bigger than what can actually be seen.


After careful and thorough cleaning of the caries, she had her teeth filled to her natural tooth colour.





In addition to placing fillings on her teeth, I adjusted the shape of her four front teeth to give off a better smile.


Her worries had drowned away as soon as she saw her smile in the mirror after the treatment. Being the sweet, kind girl that she was, she expressed her thankfulness with a beautiful smile before she left the room.


I was so glad she can now enjoy her youth with a gorgeous smile, without worrying that people will see her ‘black’ teeth.


If your teeth looks like this, or if you have any inquiry about your teeth, don’t hesitate to contact me at


See you soon!


Lots of love,

Dr. Adyan

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