Tiring but fulfilling Saturday: Dr Nik

It was a tiring but fulfilling Saturday.

I had two back to back makeover cases that started at 10 am and ended at 2 pm.

The first case was a referral case. He was referred to me by his sister who did her makeover with me before. Stunned by her new smile , he booked an appointment and came in for his makeover with me. He had gaps in between his teeth and requested for cosmetic fillings to close up the gaps. He was informed on orthodontic or braces treatment to close the gaps but he was not keen on spending time for the treatment. He wanted a fast result and doing cosmetic filling will serve him that.


It was quite a straight forward case. It took me almost two hours to complete his makeover and he was so happy with the result. All gaps top and bottom were filled and now he has perfect teeth.

Beautiful gapless smile achieved in less than 2 hours.

My second makeover case of the day started 10 minutes after I completed the first makeover. This time it is an immediate fiber reinforced composite bridge. This patient has an upper tooth that is tucked behind and he initially requested for a veneer to make it look straighter and align with other teeth. Yes…that would have been the easiest treatment option but unfortunately it was not suitable in his case because it was tucked too far behind. Options for him was either orthodontic treatment to track the tooth into the alignment or extraction of the tooth and do bridge. He opted for a bridge as he too, like the first patient did not like the idea of wearing braces. He chose fiber reinforced composite bridge as it is minimally invasive procedure compared to the porcelain one.

I started off with the extraction of the tucked in tooth and stopped the bleeding.

Immediately after extraction and bleeding stopped.

Once bleeding is controlled, I proceeded with isolation and preparation of the adjacent teeth prior to constructing the fiber bridge. It was another long 2 hours session for me to finish sculpting the bridge. Finally, I passed him a mirror and he was all smiling looking at his own reflection. His smile obviously looks better now and I’m sure he’s happy with his new smile.

Extracted tooth replaced with fiber reinforced bridge on the same day.

If you have similar problems, do visit me and I’ll be happy to create a new smile for you too.


Dr Nik Roslin.



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