Love from Daughter-in-law – Dr Gan

This is a story that I must tell; a story about a loving daughter-in-law.

Qilah is one of my patients whom I did makeover for her.

Recently, she brought her future mother-in-law to see me.

On the day of appointment, she went all the way to pick up her mother-in-law, brought her in, sat down and discussed together with me of the treatment plan.

When I asked question, the mother-in-law would look at Qilah and Qilah would decide. I could see that the mother-in-law trusted Qilah whole heartedly.

Qilah brought the mother-in-law hoping that she would look great on the wedding day. How could I disappoint her?


One of the front teeth was very discolored.











For her, indeed there were limitations of how well I could do. I was very worry if I could mask the discoloration.

However, the result turned out to be very satisfying!











Before the makeover I could hardly see her smiling.

Upon finishing her makeover, I finally saw her smile.

I am so happy that she can now smile from ear to ear on the big day.

While most people have problem with the in-laws, Qilah and mil just showed me a really good example to love your mother in law 100% and she will definitely love you back. I am grateful to witness the positive energy and I believe they will make a perfect family.

I hope the real life story brighten your day.

Be happy and live a life filled with love!


Dr Gan









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