Here’s how you probably risk yourself of getting gum disease: Dr Mawarni

Hi everyone! Today I am going to write about my journey in encountering patients who have gum disease. I list down the most common reasons on how they got the disease:-

  • Do not come for routine 6 months regular check up.

Not many patients realize the importance of coming for your regular dental check up.

I always stress to patients that coming for your regular 6 months check up & scaling is almost similar like servicing your car.

Everything in this world requires some sort of maintenance.

What would happen to your car if you do not service it at all for 5 years? I can confidently say that the car will undergo some major break down soon.

We use our teeth to chew every day. It requires a minimum of 6 monthly which equals to twice a year for maintenance.

After enjoying a great deal amount of food that we eat annually, don’t you think our teeth need some ‘pampering’?

Scaling is a form of oral ‘pampering’ & maintenance. It is an essential treatment to keep your gum and jaw healthy.

It also prevents from future oral health problems & saves you from spending more.

Dental maintenance is not expensive, neglect is!

Scaling is like pressing a restart button on your PC. It allows the gum to heal and you can take care of your oral health from zero again.


  • Fear and avoidance of seeing dentist

For some people, coming to dentist is the last thing that they want to do.

Yes, dental phobia is real. I have had adult patients crying after hearing my explanation about the treatment options.

It is pretty common to see kids and adult patients struggle to maintain calm on a dental chair.

Other reason that patients avoid coming is because they hate when they were being scolded by the dentist.

It is a reminder to myself and to all other dentists, to remain patient, empathetic to our patients’ needs.

Do not scold them. Instead, be grateful of their efforts coming to see you. At least, this is the opportunity for you to educate them.


Have you heard about a saying, ‘You are attracted to what you fear’?

I somehow believe that this is true. The more one avoids to come for dental check up and treatment, the more one will face dental problems later.

With the advance in technology and better behavior management knowledge, I can reassure you that most dentists are good in handling dentally anxious patients.

I know I am very good at it ;-).


  • Lack of oral health awareness

Ignorance is bliss. In other words, if one is unaware of an unpleasant fact or situation one cannot be troubled by it.

Since gum bleeding is a very common symptom, some people even thought that it is normal.

9/10 of my patients have some form of gum disease in their mouth. It is the highest prevalence of oral disease.

The hard truth is, gum disease is a SILENT KILLER.

Yes, it kills the tissues surrounding the teeth in a slowly progressing manner for most people.


  • No pain, No problem?

I always tell my patients that having tooth ache or pain is indeed a blessing. Without pain, people thought they have no problems and they will never come to see us!

Well, I do not blame them. It is part of our human psychology.

What most people do not know is, gum problem is PAINLESS.

Until you have an advance type of gum problem, you will remain painless.

That’s where the danger lies. You do not want the disease to be in advance stage then only you get it treated.


In its earliest form which is gingivitis, the gum disease is reversible.

Success rate of the treatment depends on the stage of gum disease.

The earlier you seek treatment, the higher the chance of survival. Meaning, you can retain your teeth longer.


  • Believe in “Myth: Losing teeth is primarily because of aging”

I get to see people who believe in this a lot. I can say aging & genetic contribute very little in loss of teeth.

For majority of people, improper care and neglect of routine dental check up are the 2 most common causes of progression of gum disease. Although it is very common, it is preventable as well.

In actual fact, you can keep all of your teeth (impacted 3rd molars are excluded) for life!

Trust me, you can! You just need to know how and apply the tips given by your dentist with discipline.

Our motivation to maintain good oral hygiene practice requires frequent reminders. That’s where the 6 months check up and advises by your dentist helps to keep you stay motivated.

The greatest advantage of having a healthy dentition as you grow older is, it helps in digestion due to efficient chewing of food.

No artificial tooth can replace the greatness of your natural, God-given teeth.

So, say no to this myth!


Having said all of the above, it is never too late for you to come and seek dental treatment. Not just for gum disease, but for any disease. It is definitely an investment that is worth for yourself.


These are photos of my patients who suffers from gum disease.

If you notice in these 3 photos, there are some things in common. If  you watch closely, the blackish appearance on the teeth is tartar.

Tartar is the hardened food remnants inside your mouth which is removable by scaling and root surface cleaning.

Drifting of teeth, gum recessions and swollen gums are also visible. These patients also experience bad breath, gum bleeding and looseness of teeth.

If you happen to have the same problems, feel free to email me at or make an appointment for consultation.

I would be more than happy to help =)!

Hope to see you soon!


Dr. Mawarni



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