Everyone Deserves A Beautiful Smile – Dr Adyan

From time to time, I do hear things like:


“Dentists aren’t important, they don’t save lives.”


Honestly speaking, I do not feel there is any need to compare professions as everyone is equally important in making this world a better place. I know how my work affects my patients. And whenever I manage to help someone smile confidently and beautifully again, it made me love my job more and more every day.


This was the case with one patient of mine, one of the most challenging but interesting case I had met.


The patient was a young, working lady. When I first met her, she was reluctant to even talk. She wouldn’t let her eyes meet with mine; her confidence level was very low. Her gaze would shift from one spot to another, worried if someone else would notice her if she talks.


I closed the door behind her, and let her feel secure and comfortable before she starts talking.


“My teeth are very, very bad,” she uttered those words in a low tone.


She didn’t have to say much for me to notice that her teeth were what caused her to lose her confidence.


I assured her we’ll do the best we can to help her fix her teeth.


As usual, I took note of what she didn’t like about her teeth and smile, and then I proceeded with a thorough examination of her oral cavity.


I understood why she felt that she had a lot of bad teeth. Almost all of her upper teeth were badly decayed. Most of her lower teeth could still be saved, but there were still some that are badly carious.












If you could see in the picture, her lower front teeth are almost touching the gum of the upper arch. The same goes to the back teeth. This collapses her facial profile, making her look older than her real age, and also makes it very difficult to eat and chew food as no two sound upper and lower teeth are properly in contact with each other. Clinically, it imposes the challenge of replacing the decayed teeth with new teeth as there is insufficient space.


I explained all of my findings with her, and together we discussed the best treatment plan to help her regain her smile. I laid out several options for her, and reminded her that fixing her teeth will not be just a simple, quick procedure as we needed to tackle a lot of problems first.


She fully understood that. She weighed the pros and cons of the different treatment options. And finally we both agreed on the best treatment plan for her.


The badly rotten teeth had to be extracted, and we put fillings on the teeth that were still restorable. We had to wait for a few weeks until the gums were fully healed after extraction before we proceeded with denture procedures to replace the missing teeth. Composite veneers were also done on a couple of teeth with huge caries. We agreed on having Valplast denture for her, which is a soft and flexible denture, as it provides comfort and good retention.


And finally, this was the final outcome:



She smiled so confidently with her new smile. And on her next visit I was stunned to see how she walked in with such grace and confidence it felt like she was a different person.


I’m thrilled to see how a smile has an enormous effect on a person’s confidence, and I guess it wouldn’t be too much too say that a great smile can change someone’s life for the better. I love my job! Oops, did I say that too many times already? 😉


Wondering if your smile can be fixed?


Don’t stop at just wondering. Take the next step and give us a call or contact me at adyan@story.drfauziah.com if you would like me to help you regain your beautiful smile.


See you soon!


Lots of love,

Dr. Adyan


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