Here’s how to get your bright smile in 1.5 hours- Dr Gan

Your smile is your logo. What type of logo do you prefer?

We all strive to have beautiful smile because we know that a beautiful smile is the secret to get good first impression.

The problem is how do we get it?

The easiest and most straightforward method is through teeth whitening.



What are the procedures involved?








Step 1: Before the whitening procedures, we will clean your teeth first.

Step 2: Then, put in cheek retractor and cottons in your mouth. (Picture 1 to 5)

Step 3: Next, protect your gum from the bleaching gel. (Picture 6 to 7)

Step 4: Apply the whitening gel on your teeth and shine light for 15 minutes. (Picture 8 to 9)

Step 5: Repeat step 4 for another 3 cycles.

Step 6: Look into the mirror and enjoy your new smile! (Picture 10)




Quick Q&A:

Q1: Any side effect from the teeth whitening?

A1: Some people experience teeth sensitivity during the whitening process and for a short while after the procedure.


Q2: Any diet limitation after whitening procedure?

A2: Avoid taking food and beverages like coffee, tea, tumeric, red wine and etc that may stain your teeth easily.


Q3: Is the limitation forever?

A3: No, just for the first few days.


Q4: How long will the procedure takes?

A4: It takes only 1.5 hours to get your beautiful smile. =)


Should you have any inquiry, feel free to contact me @

Have a good weekend!

Dr Gan

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