A small change for a better smile : Dr Nik

“I want my upper teeth to not look too forward and need your advice whether I need braces to correct it or can it be achieve with just veneers”

This was the request from Diana, a new patient who knew our clinic through website , as soon as she sat on my dental chair.

Yes…from first glance I could see that her teeth especially the two upper center ones are a bit forward. “Let me have a thorough check up of your teeth first and we’ll see and discuss suitable options for you.

Upon examination, I found that the two front teeth were sticking out compared to others because of bulky fillings done before. The  fillings were so thick , covering the front surfaces of both teeth and the two fillings were actually fused together! She also needs various other treatment for other cavities and extractions of few retained roots.

From my findings, veneers can definitely make the teeth look slightly in compared to what she has now but she will get better result with braces treatment. I discussed my findings , suitable treatment options and the cost of all the treatment options and let Diana decides on what suits best for her. She finally decided on doing composite veneers and the treatment was done on her second visit.

The existing bulky fused fillings were removed and new composite veneers done to bring the two front teeth in.

Prior doing the composite veneers, I removed all old composite fillings and the cavities were actually very big and deep! Thorough cleaning was done and composite was build layer by layer and sculpted to shape the teeth. It was a very time consuming treatment and it took me almost 2 hours to complete it.

At the end of the treatment , I dare say that by changing the two old fillings and did composite veneers on it , it totally changed Diana’s smile and to my relief , she’s totally in love with her new smile.

If you have similar problem with what Diana had and wish to have a gorgeous new smile like hers , do contact me at nik@story.drfauziah.com and I would be happy to help you too.

Dr Nik Roslin Nik Sulaiman.






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