Same Person, One Hour, Brand New Smile! – Dr Tan Swee Ling

Have you ever looked into the mirror and thought,

if only my front tooth is a little straighter…

if only my chipped front tooth can be restored its natural form…

Well, these 2 lovely ladies had that exact same thought. 

Sharifah had 2 lower front teeth that are chipped awhile back.

Her lower front teeth are chipped, and slightly overlapping. She was curious if they could ever be restored to its natural form. She insisted that they have to be natural. I was pretty confident I was able to meet those expectations of hers. I had assured her that I not only can restore its form, I could also solve the overlapping.

Albeit being extremely nervous, she agreed to proceed with treatment.

Only an hour later, with just a small fix, Sharifah walked away with a totally changed smile!

*      *      *

Shazmeen, one of my favourite patients to see.

She is a very soft-spoken young lady, with a bubbly and cheerful personality. She came to me complaining of a crooked upper front tooth. She does not want braces, wondered if a single veneer was enough.

Less than an hour later,

Yes, I did a single tooth veneer, for a straight upper front teeth appearance.


Happy patient makes a happy dentist!

Dr Tan Swee Ling

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