How I Solve Two Problems with One Solution – Dr Gan

Sharon had a very special request.

She requested me to close the gaps between the lower teeth.

You must be wondering why I said that it was a special request??

Yes, the request itself is not special; but reason for her to close gaps was unusual.

“My tongue felt very uncomfortable with the gaps between the teeth, I keep playing with the gaps unconsciously.

This only happens since I finished braces.”

     Look at the gaps between her lower teeth


I proposed to close the gaps with composite fillings.

With these, we not only could close the gaps  to make her tongue at ease, but also to  get rid of the dark spaces to improve her look.

Sharon agreed to the proposal and hence we proceeded.

I took an hour to do a few fillings. So long? Yes, very long.

I need to make sure that the fillings could close the gaps nicely to not cause any problem to the gum yet beautiful enough to look like her natural teeth.


                                  No more gaps!


Sharon was delighted when she looked into the mirror.

“How do you do that, Dr Gan? This is like magic”

I smiled as she looked into the mirror. She was really happy that she came requested for one solution but I solved two problems at once.

I feel like an angel. =)

Should you have any inquiry, feel free to contact me at

Thank you.

Dr Gan

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