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11 months flew by without us noticing, and suddenly December came in and knocked some reality into us – the great year 2018 is almost coming to an end!


This joyous final month of the year screams out ‘school holidays’ and ‘celebrations’ out loud. While it’s a great month for family trips and weddings, it’s also the best time to get your whole family’s teeth checked!


Er, what?


Yeah, yeah. You’re thinking, I’m a dentist, of course I’d be saying anything to make you come for your dental visit.


Well, hear me out first. I know a tremendous amount of people who are either too busy to come to the clinic or too afraid to come alone.


Since it’s the month of holidays, why not take your whole family to the clinic and get those overdue dental check-up and cleaning done? I personally find it very heartwarming when I have patients who come with their family to have their dental work done. A simple visit to a dentist may be one big deal for some people, and having their family members or friends at their side makes the experience much more relaxing and positive, especially for children.




This child was a superstar! Multiple fillings done and she was so relaxed!



Young kids learn to familiarise themselves with the clinic and the dentist by watching their older siblings or parents receive dental treatments, making them believe that it’s not that scary to go see the dentist! A lot of my young patients are very curious kids who love to see me working on their siblings or parents, and I enjoy explaining to them when they ask what I am doing, what does the scaler do, what does that blue material on the tray does, how many teeth do their brother have, how big is the hole on their father’s teeth is, and so many more interesting questions!


While you may think it’s not necessary to bring young children for their dental visit unless they complain of pain, you should start bringing your children to see the dentist as soon as they start having their baby teeth! It’s better to prevent any problems in their teeth rather than trying to fix it. And most of the time when children complain of severe pain on their teeth, the treatments necessary at that time may cause them bad experience at the dental clinic instead of a good one. So again I shall say it, prevention is always better than cure!



Great teeth starts from a young age



And let’s not just talk about children. Some adults are scared of the dentist too! But there’s nothing to be ashamed of if you come to the clinic with your friends or family members.  I used to have my dental visits with my mom all the time, hehe.


I enjoy my job by making my patients happy . And I believe that happiness means a whole lot more when shared with people we care about. So stop delaying your dental visit, ask your friends and family if they have had their dental check-up, and if they haven’t, drag them with you to the clinic together!


Gathering at the clinic for their regular dental check-up!




It’s a season of gathering, so why not make the dental clinic one of your gathering spots in this last month of the year? I bet you never thought of that, did you? Haha.


I’ll see you soon!


Contact me at for any enquiries or call our clinic to set your appointment!


Lot’s of love,

Dr. Adyan

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