Bye Bye Gaps – Dr Tan Swee Ling

Gaps between teeth are commonly agreed to be less appealing, less aesthetic.

A mismatch between the size of the jaw bones and the size of the teeth can cause either extra space between teeth or crowding of teeth. If the teeth are too small for the jaw bone, spaces between the teeth will occur. If the teeth are too big for the jaw, teeth will be crowded.

Spaces develop for a few other reasons as well.

One of them are periodontal (gum) disease, which results in the loss of the bone that supports the teeth. In people who have lost a lot of bone, the teeth can become loose. This movement can result in gaps between the front teeth.

A vibrant young lady, Ayesha, walked into the clinic hoping for a solution regarding the gaps in her lower front teeth.

She said,” I regret not taking care of my teeth better after the removal of braces during my teen days. Now they have moved apart!”

I smiled, reassuring that these are small matter and that it can be fixed with simple fillings.

” I still want to have teeth in my old age,” Ayesha shudders as she blurted these words out.

” Yes dear, don’t you worry.”

I assured her that we will be closing these gaps with simple fillings.

In less than an hour, the gaps no longer exist. She was very excited when given the mirror.

“Wow! It’s amazing!”, she exclaimed, “that was fast too!”

I’m glad she loved how it turned out, and I’m grateful to be able to bring back the confidence in her smile.


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