Because you’re worth it!!: Dr Mawarni

Miss Ann came to me one day looking very shy and anxious. Her chief complaint was to fill the defect on her front teeth.

The first thing that she mentioned about her past dental treatment experience was,

“The nurse who did my teeth during primary school did not give me any injection, so I felt really sensitive during the whole procedure.”

I could see the dissappointed and fearful looks on her face.

That incident unfortunately made her keep delaying to come for dental visit. What drove her to finally came to us was because she got a new job!

She was offered to work in Japan and felt the need to improve her smile and boost her confidence. She stumbled upon our blog and made an appointment for consultation.



After examining her teeth, I noticed she had quite a bad degree of decay at her front teeth. I pity her because of the dental phobia, she was fearful to the extend of avoiding dental treatment for many years.

I was super excited to help her because I was confident that I could make her much much happy with her new smile.

“Please do it today,” I thought and prayed silently.

I also reminded myself to give her excellent service with an extra dose of tender, loving and care. =)))

This is to change her perception that having dental treatment can also be a pleasant and memorable experience.

I quickly fix her defective fillings and layer the 4 front teeth with composite veneers. I handed her the mirror. She was delighted to see her brand new smile.










I also explained about other dental treatments that she needed right after that. Without any hesitation, she requested to complete all her dental treatment on that day.

She was decisive and no more signs of dental anxiety after the smile makeover. I also noticed she was less shy and smiled more.

I wish her all the best in her future undertakings and bid her goodbye. Her smile makeover had made my day. I realized that I had chose a fulfilling job for myself. Seeing patients ecstatic after treatment gave me an undescribable joy 😉

To those who are still anxious to come for dental treatment due to previous bad experience, give yourself another chance. Fight your anxiety. Come and experience with us. We shall do our best to make your visit as pleasant as possible. Because you also worth to be happy like everybody else!

Lots of Love,

Dr. Mawarni

~Reach me directly via e-mail at


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2 years ago

I got same problem here. How much cost for this treatment?