Kimi got her brand new 2019 smile!: Dr Mawarni

Kimi had an accident many years ago. As a result, her 2 upper front teeth was broken and became non vital (death of the nerve and blood vessel in the tooth). In layman explanation, the teeth had died due to the strong impact of the accident.

Fortunately, she did not resort to taking the teeth out. Kimi had root canal treatment done. Ever since then, she came for her routine 6 months check up and scaling with us.

We had advised her to do a smile makeover to make the appearance of the broken teeth nicer. Due to her busy schedule, she could not make time to come for that treatment.



Several options was given to her as follows:

  • Internal bleaching of the upper central incisors followed by normal composite filling/ composite veneer
  • Metal ceramic crown for the 2 discoloured teeth
  • Internal bleaching followed by porcelain veneer/ crown


The pros and cons of each option was explained in a great detail to her.

She finally wants to try the cheapest and minimally invasive treatment which was the first one.

So, I bleached her 2 front teeth and reviewed the teeth shade after 2 weeks.

This shows the result of internal bleaching after 2 weeks. The colour turned whiter tremendously.

The teeth shade had become a lot whiter compared to before treatment. However, the teeth shade still slightly yellow compared to the other natural teeth.

So, to overcome that, I resort to cover the minimal colour difference with multilayer composite technique.



Kimi could not believe that her smile could turn out to be so much better than before. She requested for another composite veneer on the lateral incisor to make the alignment of the front teeth better.

I actually also proposed her to do another 2 composite veneers of her lateral incisors (teeth next to the discoloured ones).

However, due to time constraint, I only managed to do one composite veneer of her upper right lateral incisors.

I was grateful Kimi finally decide to improve her smile. She became even more bubbly and confident after the treatment. Don’t forget to flash your brand new year smile dear! =D

Since 2018 is ending soon, I would like to wish everyone, “A very happy 2019”. May this 2019 brings more happiness and contentment to all of us.

Warm regards,

Dr. Mawarni

~Do write to me at for more enquiries



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