How I Made a Person Happy Again – Dr. Adyan

“Dr., please fix my front teeth.”


The patient said as he sat down on the dental chair.


I asked him what happened.


“I’ve had the teeth filled multiple times; but the fillings kept breaking and fell off,” he answered.


I can sense the frustration as he uttered those words. As I examined his teeth, the unsightly rough look of the front tooth was obvious; the filling had come off of the tooth.


The adjacent tooth also had an old filling; I suggested to re-do the filling on that tooth as well to give a more harmonious and better smile for him.



Patient was reluctant to show his smile because of the dislodged filling
A better look at the tooth which had lost it’s filling. The adjacent tooth also had an old filling














We had a small discussion on what would be the best treatment for him, and a crown was also included in the discussion. Eventually we agreed to proceed with two composite veneers for the front teeth first.


I whipped out my instruments and worked on the teeth for about an hour.





Better shape and matching shade of teeth
Now he flashes his smile more widely!












I gave him a mirror to check on his teeth before I polished the veneers. He knew what he wanted; he asked to slightly adjust the size and contour of the teeth. I was glad to do so. After some minor adjustments and polishing, I let him check his teeth in the mirror again.


“Oh, perfect!” He exclaimed with such a joyful expression on his face.


That moment was so beautiful to me – he admired the new look on his teeth while flashing a wide smile in front of the mirror. I keep telling myself, ‘this is why I love my job’.


If you have any concerns especially regarding your front teeth, don’t delay your dental visit anymore. There are many treatment options available, we can discuss over it after examining your teeth, to suit your needs 🙂


Do drop me a question in the comments or at if you have any enquiries.


See you soon!


Lots of love,

Dr. Adyan

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