Investing in your health: Dr Mawarni

Happy New Year 2019 everyone! What is your goal for this year? My goal theme for this year is to be HEALTHY! Yes, healthy in all aspects including physically, mentally, spiritually and financially. We often heard that health is wealth right. In my opinion, when one choose to be healthy it should be all round. Not specifically focused just externally but also internally, your mind and soul.

We may have messed up big time in the past. It is okay. As we cannot change the past. What we can do is to learn from it and become a better person today and in the future. 2018 was a hectic and overwhelming year for me. Nevertheless, I had learnt something that is so important, which is to consistently track my goals this year.

So, this year, I had started good. I learnt about creating goals which really matters to me. I sat down pondering about 2018, and created ways to achieve it.

Taking care of your health is also an investment. When we talk about the word investment, that term is always related to building tangible wealth such as the amount of money that we have in our bank account, or how many property we have, and etc.

However, don’t you think all that will be meaningless if you are not healthy at other areas? Your money is invested in sleeping pills or anti depressant drugs because you could not sleep at night as you are not mentally happy. If let say you are stranded in hospital due to terminal ill disease, I am sure all you care is to be physically healthy and not that mountain of money anymore right?

I am not suggesting that we should settle down for less in growing our wealth. No, that was not my intention.

What I meant is our health is much more precious than everything that money can buy. So paying extra attention to your health is very important too.

A simple example is like when people come to you and want to exchange your pair of eyes with 1 billion Ringgit? Are you willing to do it knowingly? I personally will not because I really value my physical body and health.

As simple planning like routine medical/ dental check up will give you ideas on your health status. Recently, I just had full medical check up done. I told my medical Doctor friend, my physical goal for 2019 goals are to do check up every quarter & change to a healthier lifestyle. She was inspired by my sharing and said she will do the same as well.

You can actually do the same for your medical and dental health. Like recently, my patient named Ros came and would like to do a thorough check up. She was in her late 40s.

“Now is the time for me to invest for myself, my own health,” she said.

I get that everyone has different struggles in life. As a mother myself, I tend to think about my children more than my own well-being.

After a long thought and reflection, I realized that mothers should always think of themselves first. A happy, successful mother will create a happy and powerful society. One family unit will be affected greatly if the person called ‘mother’ is not functioning.

Ros’s smile before treatment








Back to Ros story, so she finally wanted to invest on her dental health as her children are grown ups now. She had some cavities and lost many of her back teeth. Losing back teeth had reduced her chewing ability greatly.

After the treatment, she looked much younger and happier. Of course her investment in dental health is really worth it. She will come back for back teeth replacement. Once she get her back teeth replaced, she will be better in her overall health as she will be able to have more variety of food and have better digestion.

Ros’s smile after treatment








In conclusion, I strongly recommend everyone to think through about things that you are capable to do in investing your health. It could be investing more time for exercise, going to see Doctor and the list goes on. You know why? Because you are important in this world, you matter! Let’s take ownership of ourselves and become healthier this year! You can do it! =)

Best regards,

Dr. Mawarni





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