A Really Last Minute Makeover: Dr Nik

There are many types of people in this world. Organised type and unorganized type. Tidy type and untidy type. The type that do their job or chores as soon as possible and the type that procrastinate. Well, some people say that it doesn’t matter which type you belong too, as long as a job or task is done before the dateline.

Recently I had a patient who really wait till last minute to do his teeth….I meant really last minute. You may want to know how last minute it was right?…. A day before his wedding day!…and it was his fiancee who make sure that he came in for the appointment.

He was scared of dentist and had been procrastinating to fix his teeth. His fiancee kept pressing him for months to had it done and finally he came in just a day before their wedding!

Well…better late than never.

Chipped upper right central incisor tooth.

He had chipped front incisal tooth and to make it nicer I advised him to do at least do 2 composite veneers. It was a straight forward case and after 45 minutes of treatment, he was transformed into a different person. Now he can smile beautifully and freely without being cautious of the chipped tooth.

The groom’s new smile after the makeover.

I hoped this last minute groom had beautiful moments on his wedding day and took loads of photos.

Till next time!

Dr Nik Roslin Bt Nik Sulaiman.



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