People say timing is everything. That’s true with so many things in life. Marriage, work promotion, divorce… to name a few, has got a lot to do with timing. As human being, we want things our way and immediately. However, we forgot that our timing isn’t always God’s timing. And, like it or not the Almighty works mysteriously and beautifully.

The same thing can be said to my current patient, Zila. Zila had always wanted to fix her front teeth, but timeLife is always not on her side. Until recently, when one of her upper back  teeth gave her problem, she ended up on my dental chair 2 weeks ago.

As usual, I started explaining her teeth condition using our very own Examination and Diagnosis sheet. I laid out the treatment options for Zila to choose. This inclusive of the procedure and cost of each treatment options. She understood it well and said she will call back to fix an appointment with me. I only managed to do scaling and fixed her complaint tooth.

3 days later, Zila was back again on my dental chair requesting me to fix her upper front teeth. I asked her, what made her came to our clinic so soon after the first visit? She replied that, she wanted to smile wide without feeling conscious about her teeth and after listening to my explanation she just knew that the time was right for her to have a beautiful smile. Plus, her daughter is about to get married soon and as a mother of the bride she wants to look good on this special day.

Zila, One and an half hour before the makeover.

To look good, all Zila needed was 6 unit veneers. Exactly one and an half hour later, I handed her a mirror for her to see her reflection. She smiled. I could see that her smile was getting wider and wider. I knew that she was happy with this new look.

Zila with her new look.

Before Zila went off, I reminded her to keep flashing her new smile. “That’s for sure doctor!” she said with a wide smile.

Thank you Zila for trusting Klinik Pergigian Fauziah and for you out there, do contact us if you too would like to get dazzling smile you always dream about.

We are always here to assist you.



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