Little change for a new smile: Dr Nik

How often do you come across people regretting something in their life and pondering what it would be like if they had done something different before. If only I do this earlier.., if only I knew it would be like this…, if only I made it in time…., if….., if…., if…..

Well…nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending!

And this is exactly what my patient did. She has crooked teeth and wished that she had corrected it when she was young. Now that she’s older, she still want to do something to make it look better and stressed out that braces is not in the options that she might consider. That left her with only one treatment option…veneers… and I warned her that she can’t expect a good ideal result like what she can get if she does braces.

Uneven and crooked upper teeth before treatment.

Taking this one possible option, she gave me green light to go ahead and do composite veneers. At the end of the treatment, which took about an hour, I admit that she does not have a perfect straight teeth but surely she now has a better and straighter one compared to before.

Straighter teeth after veneer treatment.

So…when do you want to come in and change your ending? We would be happy to help you creating yours too!


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