Fiqa bid farewell to her uneven smile: Dr Mawarni

Fiqa is a bubbly, young mother of one. Her work requires her to meet a lot of people. She went to see me as she felt the need to change her uneven smile.

She had an orthodontic treatment done previously. However, she noticed her upper central incisor keep drifting downwards.

As a result of the unwanted movement, the smile became uneven. She felt really uncomfortable to smile with her teeth seen. This condition had also affected her confidence badly.

Before treatment: the unevenness of the smile was very obvious



After a thorough check up, Fiqa had a localized moderate periodontitis at the associated tooth.

Since the tooth has mobile grade 1, which is considered as good prognosis to treat, I advised her to proceed with root canal treatment (RCT) followed by full porcelain crown to make her smile even again.

Without hesitation, she agreed to my plan and went through RCT treatment and crowning.

Fiqa’s new beautiful smile!




Fiqa now could flaunt her smile without any hesitation =).

She not only regained her confidence, the most importantly, she can just totally be herself now.

She scheduled her follow up visit to keep her gum checked regularly to prevent recurrence of the gum disease which was the culprit of the problem.

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Dr. Mawarni

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