How to Enhance Your Smile in One Visit – Dr. Adyan

Have you ever felt that there’s something lacking about your smile?


If you stand in front of the mirror and flash your smile, everything looks good – but you just think there might be something that can make your smile more brilliant?


Then you can consider a professional teeth whitening to enhance your smile!


One patient of mine has a beautiful set of teeth; she has good oral hygiene and a charming smile. But she wanted to further improve her smile by doing teeth whitening, which was a great choice!


This is her original teeth shade; the upper teeth are in shade A2, while some of her lower teeth are in shade A3 (The higher the numerical value, the darker is the tooth shade).







After explaining to her the whitening procedures, the pros and cons, and answering all her inquiries regarding professional teeth whitening, we started the whitening treatment.


The professional teeth whitening is carried out for 4 cycles in the same visit, each cycle takes 15 minutes. For some patients, sensitivity can occur during whitening and it generally lasts just for the day.


Approximately 1 hour later, this was the result.





Notice how bright her tooth shade had become? The pictures were taken with the same gadget and under the same lighting without editing, but look at that pleasing improvement in the teeth’s shade!


Professional teeth whitening is one of the less invasive and quick treatments to enhance one’s smile and boost their confidence level!


Need to improve your smile? Why not consider a professional teeth whitening on your next dental visit? You can all our clinics to make your appointment or feel free to write me your inquiries at


Looking forward to see you!


Lots of love,

Dr. Adyan


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