When He Can Finally Show Off His Teeth! – Dr. Adyan

On one fine day, a young man came to visit the clinic.


As he walked in, he greeted everyone at the front desk, but he was smiling with his lips closed together. He wasn’t willing to show his teeth in his smile.


When he entered my room, he smiled shyly, still reluctant to show his teeth.


He said he had many holes on his front teeth for a while now, but he’s very afraid of the dentist. Now he had gathered his courage and took the brave step to come to the clinic and get his teeth fixed.


As he sat on the dental chair and finally showed his teeth, I could understand why he didn’t want to show his teeth around. He had multiple caries which showed as black cavities on his front teeth, some of the teeth edges had chipped off which made the teeth shape weird, and there are large cavities on his back teeth too.


This was how his teeth looked like when he came to me that day:






After thorough examination, I noted that most of his caries (‘holes’) are big and deep. I explained his teeth condition to him and continued discussing the treatment plan with him. We both agreed to do fillings on his front teeth, and some of the back teeth needed root canal treatment.


Although it took almost an hour to clear up the rotten part of the teeth and fill it up with a tooth-coloured filling, he was a very cooperative patient.


Finally, this was the final result:



I have to note here, his teeth have fluorosis. During long dental procedures, the fluorosis’ white/brown patches may become prominent due to the dehydration of teeth, but within 24 hours, rehydration of teeth occurs and the white/brown patches tone down to the usual level.


I let him see his new smile on the mirror. He was very happy, and now he smiles with his teeth shown!


The next day, he even told us that he went to show his new smile to his family and friends as he feels very confident with his teeth now and there was no reason to hide his teeth behind his lips anymore!


I love it when patient’s confidence level goes up because of their smile; it makes me enjoy my job more and more!


Are you shy of your smile too?


Then give us a call or you can drop me an email at adyan@story.drfauziah.com if you have any enquiries. I’ll be happy to help you gain your new and improved smile!


See you soon!


Lots of love,

Dr. Adyan

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