Miracle moments with Maryam, the little dentist: Dr Mawarni

Maryam is my lovely 4 years old child patient.

I remember during her first visit about a year ago, she was crying and screaming, refusing treatment like a baby. She had her front teeth fillings fixed. Prior to the treatment, I had a word with her Mum, Dora.

I told her that, if we forced her into doing the treatment, she might be traumatized to do any treatment in the future.

Dora understood the risk, she approved to continue with the treatment.

I advised her to hold Maryam herself. My nurses also helped to assist holding the child. I did the treatment as quickly as I could.

Maryam was fine after the treatment and she smiled happily. As usual, we will give every child a gift as a reward for their cooperation.

This small gesture gave a big impact to these children. They will look forward to come for future treatment as they left the clinic with beautiful memories. =)

She came recently with her mum complaining of gum swelling at her front teeth.

This is Maryam’s 3rd visit with me. After calling them in, she rushed happily to me with excitement.

“Doctor, can I be a dentist today,” she asked me.

“Sure, why not?” I said.

I took the gloves and get Maryam to wear it and playing role play with her. Her mum pretended to be her patient. I assisted Maryam to hold the instrument and check her mum’s teeth together.

She laughed and had a lot of fun. She was really ecstatic when I called her ‘Dr Maryam’.

After I completed her mum’s treatment, I called the busy Maryam to sit on the dental chair. She needed extraction of 2 rotten lateral incisors. I only plan to do one tooth extraction at a time.

Initially, Maryam was struggling to sit still. I was trying to numb the tooth by giving her injection. Deep down, I was worried that I will not be able to give her a painless injection if she refused to cooperate.

I prayed to God silently. I made supplication that He will smoothen Maryam’s treatment at that moment. Suddenly, a miracle happened. The initially agitated Maryam felt asleep. Hence, I was able to give injection effortlessly!

I was so grateful and surprised that God answered my prayers. To be honest, that was my first incident where patient fell asleep when I was about to give a local anaesthetic injection! That’s the moment where people are at their highest level of alertness.

Maryam came back after a week for another extraction. She was not asleep during the injection this time. However, she was really cooperative. Therefore, the treatment was done very fast and efficient.

She is officially my favourite child patient 🙂

These small life moments really made me happy. I knew that I have made Maryam loves to come and see the dentist. No more fear or struggle for her.

Happiness in life comes from LOVE of human. Children need to know that they matter to us and what we do for them is because we love them.

I created the bonding with Maryam first before persuading her to do treatment. I won’t be able to achieve all this without the positive support from her mother. I hope I have inspired her to become a dentist ;-)!

So, to all parents, never give up if your children dislike going to the dentist. Sometimes, it takes a few visits for them to adapt. The most important thing is to let them know, we love them and want good for them.

Do send your child to us for pleasant and memorable dental visits!

Lots of LOVE,

Dr. Mawarni






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