Eliza was desperate. She was getting married in one week time. However, she could not figure out how to smile on her big day. Whenever she looked into mirror, her eyes would focus on that one tooth that was sticking out. How on earth could she possibly be smiling on her big day?

The sticking out tooth was the source of Eliza’s sorrow everyday


Out of despair, she came to me requesting to pull that tooth out and put a bridge there.

What?????? I could almost see stars spinning on top of my head.

Looking at the beautiful tooth, I could not bear myself to pull it out.  All the poor little tooth wanted was some attention, it would never thought that it would bring itself doom. If only I could do something to solve Eliza’s problem, then I could save the tooth.

I offered Eniza to do composite veneers on three of her teeth.

First, I did a mock up for her and let her decided if that worked.

She was delighted to see that it worked.

We then carried out our big plan to put three composite veneers and repair the broken part of her existing filling.


          You can see me, you can’t see me.










Both of us were super happy seeing the result.

I definitely felt heroic as I saved Eliza and her poor little tooth!

Should you are bothered with similar problem, feel free to contact me at

I will be delighted to be your hero as well!

Thank you.

Dr Gan


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