What’s Going On In Your Mouth? – Dr. Adyan

I had a sweet and lovely middle-aged couple who walked into the clinic a few days ago, the wife was complaining of immense pain on one of her back tooth.


Both of them came into my room, and I invited the wife to have a seat on the dental chair while the husband took his seat on another chair at the corner of the room. She told me how her tooth was causing a lot of pain to her. After a thorough check-up of her dental condition, I discussed with her the suitable treatment plan. The husband was also actively involved in the discussion, he was very supportive of his wife and that made the whole session much brighter and enjoyable for everyone.


It was inevitable that we had to extract the painful tooth as the root had fractured and the probability of saving the tooth was low. After that visit, I asked the patient to come again for scaling as I noted she had a lot of calculus (tartar) on her teeth that was causing gum problems such as gum bleeding and recession to her.


A few days later, she came again to the clinic with her husband.


She wasn’t sure about scaling because she had not done it in a very long time.


So with her permission, I took a picture of the inside surface of her lower teeth to show her the calculus and what it had done to her teeth and gums. Most people couldn’t see the calculus on their teeth; so I found that taking pictures made it very easy for them to understand their dental health much better.






I showed the picture to both of them and explained slowly why there were calculus on her teeth and why scaling was needed to remove it. They nodded in agreement and satisfaction after all their questions were answered, and she was delighted to have her teeth cleaned now.


It took a very quick 15 minutes to remove all the calculus and stains on her teeth that had built up over years.


After scaling, I took another picture of her calculus-free teeth and showed it her. She was amazed at how much the calculus had been covering her teeth and ruining her gums. Now that the calculus are all gone, she could see how clean her teeth were.







It made her more determined to take better care of her teeth now, and she’s looking forward for her 6-monthly regular check-up too! So does the husband!


Most of the times patients do not know there’s a problem with their gums and teeth because there’s no pain, that’s why I strongly advocate everyone to have their regular dental check-up to know more about their dental health and prevent further complicated problems happening to their teeth and gums.


So, how about it? Thinking of having your teeth and gums checked?


That’s a great first step!


Next, call our clinics to book your appointment or email me at adyan@story.drfauziah.com if you have any enquiries!

See you soon!


Lots of love,

Dr. Adyan

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