Young Man Turned Dashing! – Dr Tan Swee Ling

G A P . T E E T H .

In the fashion world, gap teeth seems to be an acceptable trend, regardless in men or women.

It is said to be inspiring and sexy , some even wish to have them!

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Are you one of them who embraces the gap teeth with pride? If you are, you’re very admirable! That’s because not many are able to do so.

As for those of you who thinks otherwise, it is absolutely understandable. As the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 

Just like young and handsome Faris here, the gaps were not attractive in his eyes. At the age of 20, going into adulthood, and perhaps is time to look for a pretty girlfriend, he thought, enough is enough, he had to do something about those gaps.

His first visit to us is just days before a family trip to Japan. During consultation, he mentioned, he would prefer an alternative solution to braces, if at all possible. Hence I have suggested veneers. Faris chose to do composite veneers due to its economical and time factor.

In just an hour, he could not recognize his smile anymore!


Yes, that was his immediate reaction to when the mirror was handed to him.

With that, I am a proud dentist. I joked, ” Don’t forget us when you get a girlfriend! ” Faris giggled shyly.

If you think you have a similar teeth problem and perhaps would also like a similar solution, please contact us or email me at Looking forward to replying your queries!

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