Black shadow or black spot: Dr Nik

Today I’m going to write about a quite common problem that I believed you would have seen it personally before.

Black shadow or black spot on a tooth or teeth.

You’ve seen it before right? …..and it look something like this;

Meet my patient, Linda (photo above) who came to me complaining of the black spot that had become more prominent over the past few months. She told me that the tooth was filled about slightly more than a year ago and it was okay initially but started to have the black spot lately. She was concerned whether there’s bleeding coming out from her tooth or maybe the filling itself has discoloured.

Well…just a glance on the tooth I knew that it was actually a cavity developing underneath the filling. True enough as I was checking the tooth I could see the filling was actually detached from the cavity. This lead to micro leakage and food stuck and eventually a new cavity developed underneath the filling.

Solution to the problem? Simple….I removed the old detached filling material, cleaned up the cavity and did a new composite resin filling. Result? Well…let the photo talked;

It’s a very simple procedure. Do come and visit us if you have this kind of problem.

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