A Good First Impression Can Work Wonders – Dr Gan

We all know that first impression matters.

Why is it so important? You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.

Then, how do you make a good impression? The answer is simple: Smile at people.

What does it cost to smile? Nothing!

Oh wait, hold on! What if I do not have nice teeth to smile?

Well, as a dentist, the answer is easy. If you do not have a nice smile, I will give you one.


Nurul always felt conscious to smile.

For her, she just did not have the confidence to smile without having to worry that people would stare at her “ugly” teeth.


 The smile before makeover. Nurul was not confident at all with her smile.


“Dr, what can I do to make my teeth beautiful so that I can smile? I want to look beautiful and attractive” Nurul said.

“Nurul, you give me three hours, and I will give you your dream smile” I smiled and said.

“Yes, Dr. I trust you. Let’s do it”


                           After Whitening


As promised, in three hours, I transformed her into a lady with beautiful and attractive smile.


Here’s come the beautiful and attractive smile!


If you also share the same thought that first impression is important, feel free to contact me at ganshouwan@story.drfauziah.com and let me help you make wonders.

Thank you.

Dr Gan

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