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Did you know?

  • Based on a study done by the Health Ministry in the year 2016, 9 in 10 Malaysian adults have experienced periodontal ( gum ) disease and dental caries.
  • About 7% of adults in Malaysia had lost ALL their natural teeth.
  • About 30% of Malaysian adults were found to have oral health problems which affected their quality of life such as self-confidence, problems with social interaction and pain during eating.

Oral hygiene is not an activity but a culture. In light of these statistics indicating the variety of dental problems faced by Malaysians, it is important to adopt a preventive attitude of maintaining oral health rather than a reactive action when problems arise.

Our dear Hanis is one of the many unfortunate Malaysian who has fallen into these statistics.

She noticed her teeth started to move, not only side ways but also downwards, and eventually the effect on her appearance and confidence is so apparent, she was unable to ignore it anymore.

She was presented to me on a lovely afternoon, she walked in shyly, consciously hiding her smile with her hands, worrying her teeth might be noticed.

She said, she had had enough with the way her teeth are, affecting her in so many ways. She is certain that she has to do something about her smile. I assured her, it most definitely possible. However, Rome was not built in a day, she needs to understand that this involves a series of treatment and visits to achieve.

After going through her treatment plan thoroughly, and the costs it involves, she gave me the green-light.

Her gum condition has improved after two sessions of EmunDo PDT
After whitening
This is her smile transformation with veneers.

Hanis was over the moon when I handed her the mirror! To be honest, I too was so please with her smile makeover. I hope she is flaunting her smile every chance she gets, no longer needing to cover her beautiful smile with her hands.

One’s teeth really do affect one’s appearance & confidence.

Contact us today for advice and solutions as we work together to improve your oral well being.


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