One way to replace your missing tooth; Fiber Reinforced Composite Bridge: Dr Nik

As I said hello to March 2019, I pray and hope that March will be as good as February to me, if not better and Alhamdulillah I started off my March with one big case.

Fiber reinforced composite bridge (FRC).

The FRC bridge is a minimally invasive and affordable way to replace a missing tooth. In the construction of the bridge, glass fiber strands are used to create a fiber frame. This fiber frame strength is as high as that of chrome cobalt cast metal. It also has an advantage of not being completely rigid, but has similar elasticity to dentine which is the inner layer of the tooth. The anchor teeth need less trimming unlike normal bridge work where almost all the enamel of the anchor teeth are removed during the bridge preparation.

This patient of mine came in and request for a further explanation on FRC bridge (His wife knew about this from our instagram page and persuaded her husband to get this treatment). I explained in full length all the possible options to replace the missing tooth , their pros and cons and their costs. The possible options are denture, FRC bridge, porcelain bridge and implant. He chose FRC bridge as it is fixed and less invasive compared to porcelain bridge.

His missing tooth was his upper right lateral incisor (tooth next to the center one).

I did minor slot preparation on the inner side of his adjacent teeth. Fiber glass bundles was bonded to these slots running from one side to the other. Next, I sculpted composite resin into a tooth like shape around the transverse fiber glass. Polishing of the tooth shaped composite resin was the last step that I did before he finally got to take a first look at his new FRC bridge….and it looked like this;

FRC bridge in place

It is amazing to have a missing tooth replaced in just one visit, isn’t it? So, why wait if you have one. Call us for an appointment and we will be glad to be at your service.

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