Pretty smile for a bride-to-be: Dr Mawarni

Hello everyone! Let me tell you another story of my cute, lady patient.

She came to me one day feeling hopeful to improve her smile.

She did not like the brownish, jutting out milk tooth and was really conscious of it when she smiles.

Umi’s smile before the treatment

Like any other girl, she wants to look the best on her big day.

She is getting engaged with her colleague at work very soon!

So far she never had any symptoms of pain or swelling at the associated tooth.

I sat down with her and asked her a few questions to get to know her expectations.

I realized that what bother her the most was only the brownish milk tooth. She was happy with the rest of other teeth’s alignment.

These are the questions I asked myself:

  1. Is it necessary for me to take out and replace the space with a new tooth? What are my options after that? Denture is a no-no. If I replace with bridge, then the lateral incisor will be too big and her smile will not be symmetry.
  2. What are the worst thing that will happen if I keep this non vital milk tooth? The answer will be, it might be symptomatic (pain, swelling, discomfort) soon.

I explained about all this possibilities to her. She chose to keep the tooth and agreed to get it removed if symptom arises.

So what I did was, I used the retained discoloured milk tooth as a template for the composite veneers.

In just half an hour, she got a prettier smile! =))

Umi’s beautiful new smile

In life, sometimes fixing a small problem can make a huge difference to your life.

Like in this case, I only fixed one tooth. I am pretty sure she was really happy with the outcome.

I hope she will be the happiest bride on her big day!

What about you? What are the small things that you did and had give positive impact in your life? Do share with me. I would like to hear from you =)

Drop me an email at

Love, Dr Mawarni

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