How she got a better smile! – Dr. Adyan

On one fine day, a beautiful lady came to the clinic, wanting me to do something about the gaps between her teeth.

She had been thinking about it for a long time, and finally made the big step to come to the clinic to get it fixed.

In addition to the gaps, one of her front tooth was previously broken and filled years ago, but it discoloured and the filling is short.

I did a thorough examination of her teeth and noticed how the gaps between her teeth were uneven. Her left lateral incisor was also ‘oddly’-shaped.

This was how her smile looked like:

We decided to do composite veneers to close the gaps and fix the odd-shaped left lateral incisor. One of the most challenging parts was to match the discoloured tooth to the adjacent tooth. Her incisors have what we call ‘incisal translucency’ where the edge of her teeth appears transparent.

With 4 composite veneers, we enhanced her smile! She was so happy to look in the mirror and admire her new, enchanting smile!

What do you think of her new smile?

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