Severe dental abrasion.

Abrasion occurring on the cervical margins from the effects of friction from tooth brushing .

Do you have these kind of cavities in your mouth? Does this cavities cause any sensitivity to you upon taking cold or sweet drinks? Well, let me explain to you what this cavity called.

It is called abrasion cavity. It is non carious, a form of mechanical wears of tooth. Based on clinical surveys, studies shown it is most frequently caused by incorrect tooth brushing technique.

The appearance may vary depending on the cause of abrasion, however most commonly presents in V shape caused by excessive lateral pressure whilst tooth-brushing. The surface is shiny rather than carious, and sometimes the ridge is deep enough to see the pulp chamber within the tooth itself.

Abrasion cavity can be reduced by adopting a correct tooth brushing technique. A vigorous horizontal scrubbing actions with a hard toothbrush should be avoided. Use a toothbrush with soft bristles and brush gently.

Dental restoration such as composite can be used to fill up the cavity.

Composite material is placed at the abrasion cavity above.

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