How to fill a space between your teeth : Dr Nik

Dental bonding or restoration using composite material is one of the solutions to fill in a space between your teeth. It is the easiest and quickest method and also cost effective and proven to be safe.

In this procedure, we apply a composite resin that is the same colour as the tooth at the side of the tooth and shape it to look natural. Logically of course, the treated tooth will look wider and bigger but it normally takes just few days for patients to get use to the new shape and size.

The treatment normally takes just one visit and treatment time ranges from half an hour to few hours depending on numbers of gaps that need to be filled.

For this treatment , it is necessary to keep up with the maintenance after the treatment to ensure the teeth look great for years to come. Maintenance involves regular check up and scaling and normally we will polish the restorations again during these visits.

Photos shown is one of my recent close gaps treatment and she was so happy with the result. If you too have dental gaps and are not happy with it, feel free to contact us for an appointment or if you have any inquiries , you can email me at

Have a pleasant day!

Dr Nik.

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