A smile that is worth the wait: Dr Mawarni

Aziz has been our regular patient for many years. Recently, he came because his old denture was broken after he chewed something hard.

As you can see from the ‘before treatment’ photos, Aziz also had uneven smile, highly-placed-and- jutting-out upper right canine. He wished to close the gap between the canine and central incisor.

Before treatment

The gap was too small to be replaced with a denture tooth. Therefore, I proposed to close the gap via composite veneers. I had informed him that the teeth will look bigger and asymmetry. He agreed to continue with my proposal.

Aziz had been wearing an acrylic type of denture. I also suggested him to change to a better one which is a valplast denture.

The advantage of valplast denture are, it is more aesthetic, flexible and no metal wire is needed. Another great advantage of valplast denture is, it is more retentive.

So, the possibility that it is going to be loose and will dislodged is very slim. One can use it with confidence and less worries.

After treatment

Aziz could not be happier and satisfied after receiving his valplast denture. Though he need to wait slightly longer, his final appearance & fitting were much better than with his previous acrylic denture.

To know which options suits best to replace your missing teeth, make an appointment for check up and thorough consultation with us!

You can also email me at mawarni@story.drfauziah.com for more information about this case.

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