I first met with Salya 5 years back. She came in for consultation regarding her crowded teeth. I remembered that I gave her two treatment options, either to do orthodontic treatment for the best result or composite veneers just for the upper teeth. She said she will think about it.I haven’t heard from her since then until last Wednesday.

Salya has a friendly and bubbly personality . Once seated on the dental chair ,we chatted for a few minutes, catching up on what’s happening in our life and she explained to me that she got transferred to another branch, outside Klang Valley since we last met. She moved back to K.L last month and decided to pay us a visit.

Uneven upper teeth.

“If you want a perfectly aligned teeth, braces is the best for you.” I told Salya after she told me that she wanted a well aligned teeth.

She suddenly interrupted me, before I could explained further. “No braces for me doctor. I already visited an orthodontist and it will take few years for me to have a straight teeth. I just want to improve my smile and something simple. I don’t mind the crowding on the lower teeth. After all, when I smile or take pictures, the lower teeth can hardly be seen.” She explained to me.

After listening to her explanation, I smiled.

“There are limitations as to how much we can make the teeth look straight with composite veneers.” I said. I was being realistic and honest with Salya. In giving treatment options, we, in Klinik Pergigian Fauziah always list down the pros and cons for each option and let the patient made informed decision.
As you can see, Salya had a ‘tucked-in’ right lateral inciosr and a jutting out central incisor that I would say will draw peoples’  attention to it. By doing composite veneers I can help to make it look nicer. I proposed that we do four veneers on the upper teeth to get good result.

She nodded and gave me the green light to proceed. In less than two hours, I completed the treatment and I passed her a mirror for her to look at her own reflection. She smiled from ear to ear. (I take it as a sign of satisfaction.)

4 unit composite veneers for a more well aligned teeth.

“So, what do you think Salya” I asked

“Wow! I’m impressed! Good job Doctor!” she replied.

Before we said our good bye, I reminded her that she still needs to stick with her daily dental hygiene routine; brushing twice a day, flossing, and using a mouth wash. I also reminded her to come back every 6 months for her regular scaling and check-up.

She promised me she will do that and immediately booked an appointment for her next visit in 6 months time.

I knew Salya was happy with her new look.She kept smiling and flashing her new smile to our staff at the reception area!

Another happy patient for the day.

Do email me any questions you have at I will gladly answer it for you. 🙂

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