When there’s a will , there’s a way : Dr Nik

Obviously there’s a truth in this . When we need or want something badly , there’s nothing that can stop us from getting it.

That’s the case with this patient of mine. She had been procrastinating her much needed dental treatment due to her fear of dentist until it comes to a point that she can’t bear the look of her upper front teeth any longer.

Now her needs is much greater than her fear and she found her courage to come to see me recently.

“I had always been afraid of seeing a dentist and I know that I have a lot of issues with my teeth. Today , putting my fear aside , I would like to address my upper front teeth first. It has black discolouration and it really makes me embarrass to smile”

Through my examination, the said teeth were already filled but there’s new cavities forming underneath the existing fillings hence the black discolouration. I discussed my treatment plan with her.

She needed one composite veneer and two composite fillings to have a better smile. She agreed with the plan and costs and I immediately started on the treatment.

It didn’t take long for me to complete the treatment and she was all smiling when she had a first look at her new smile. It was obviously way better that before and I’m sure she will not be thinking twice now to smile widely.

“Enjoy your new smile dear and see you on your next appointment” I said as she was leaving the clinic , smiling happily.


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