ATV Adventure @Janda Baik – Dr Tan Swee Ling

The first outdoor trip of the year was organised by our Taman Melawati Team. It was set on 4th April 2019, Thursday. Our beloved boss has given us the green light to close all clinics for a day of fun. Yes, you have read it right, ALL clinics, CLOSE, for a day of FUN.

We are always hard at work, constantly crafting beautiful smiles indoors, and so we are grateful to be given such opportunity to unwind & recharge in the great outdoors! The trip was organised with the aim of fostering team spirit and strengthening our collegiate bonds. As such, all personnel is invited to participate in the trip including the nurses and support staff alongside our boss who dives into the fun with her classic bravado.

Dr Fauziah, Dr Mawarni, Dr Dini, myself

On Thursday, all of Klinik Pergigian Fauziah enthusiastically got up early to prepare snacks and drinks for a fun-packed day, excitedly looking forward for the outdoor experience! The destination of the day is Janda Baik, a rural spot located in Pahang. With the assistance of local guides, the team was divided into three groups and were led from the camp site to the forested areas through the use of ATVs, specialised vehicles which are able to trek to jungle and river terrain.

The Centara Team before Dr Minghoe!
Dr Adyan, always so cheerful & bubbly!

Throughout our journey, the team members had lots of water fun and even took memorable photos and selfies with our phones. The amount of laughter we shared renewed our motivation at work and brought our minds far away from the stresses of everyday work life. The highlight of our trip was the rare sight of our leader and boss, Dr. Fauziah enjoying the rhythm of the activities without any hint of her usual clinical authority. In a typical sporting manner, she even got herself drenched in the rain and joined headlong with the team in the various sporting activities.

Before heading into the forest with our ATVs!
All of us paid close attention during our briefing, because we all rode like a boss!
Ever so stylish Dr Dini!
We are not just colleagues, we are a family.

At the end of the day, we slowly made our way back home. We were clearly exhausted but silently cherished all the fun moments we had. In our hearts, we hope a similar trip will again be organised soon, by Publika Team!

Drenched from the heavy rain pour. Yet still all smiles!

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