Talking about Gum Disease – Dr Gan

Are you Troubled With The Following Problems?

  1. Bleeding Gum When Brushing
  2. Red, Puffy or Swollen Gum
  3. Teeth That Are Becoming Longer
  4. More Space In Between Teeth
  5. Bad Breath
  6. Sensitive Teeth

If you have any of the aforementioned symptoms, you may want to know about gum disease.

Gum disease is inflammation of the gums that affects the supporting structures of your teeth.

What causes inflammation are plaque and calculus that built up along the gum line.

Within the plaque and calculus live communities of bacteria that happily release toxins to hurt your gum.

At the early stage of gum disease, the damage is reversible. It is called gingivitis.

However, at the later stage of gum disease, the damage to the supporting gum and bone would be irreversible. This is called periodontitis.

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Happy Gum, Happy Teeth, Happy Smile!

Dr Gan

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