Ready To Tie The Knot – Dr Tan Swee Ling

Oh gosh, how time flies!
The first quarter of 2019 has flew passed, and it is already the end of April!
Before you know it, it is already the Raya Holidays!

As I have learnt from my Malay friends, many would take this holiday opportunity to have their wedding reception, knowing everyone invited would be able to attend.

Hafizah too has her wedding reception planned soon and was in dire need to have a beautiful & confident smile during the celebration. She has a lovely smile, but with a closer look, her front teeth have obvious cavities as well as a filling that is a mismatched shade to her natural teeth colour. She also complained there was a grey tooth and another that was not aligned with the rest.

Look at that lovely smile. I had to do something to change the condition of her teeth. I wanted her to have a charming smile on her reception, to be the happiest bride on her big day.

She could not believe her eyes when she had the mirror handed to her. Look at her side profile! Her teeth are now aligned and symmetrical in shape. She will never be insecure to show her teeth anymore, and especially to her soon-to-be husband!

Hafizah was so glad she found us in time to have her smile makeover.
Would you like to have your own makeover too?
Do you know someone who may need our help?

We Craft Your Smile

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