Goodbye Dentures – Dr. Adyan

On one fine day, a lovely middle-aged lady walked into the clinic for her appointment. She was very soft-spoken and polite; she made everybody felt good that day.

But she had a problem. She wasn’t comfortable with how she talked. And that was why she came to the clinic.

After talking with her, I got to know that she had lost one of her front tooth and was wearing a denture. Although the denture was okay for her, she wanted something fixed to replace her tooth. This was because she found it hard to recite the Quran and to talk to people with a denture in her mouth.

This was her smile when she came:

The missing front tooth. Those ‘buttons’ on the adjacent tooth were composites to compare the teeth shade.

I sat down with her to discuss the multiple options that she had. After much consideration, we opted for a fibre-reinforced composite (FRC) bridge to replace the missing front tooth. It was a good economical solution and we didn’t have to trim the adjacent teeth too.

The tooth shade could be matched better compared to a denture, the shine of the tooth was also much better.

After placing the FRC bridge, we let her see her smile again in the mirror. She was very pleased with how it looked very natural when she smiled. And most importantly, she loved that there was no more denture in her mouth, and she could talk better now!

Look at how nice the tooth fits permanently there. It looks slightly short due to the lower teeth’s position but still maintained the natural look.
Could you even guess which tooth was the bridge if you didn’t know she had a missing tooth?

There are always multiple options to solve any problems that you may have with your teeth and smile. So don’t be shy to make your appointment by calling us today, your new smile is just one dental visit away.

If you’ve got questions to ask, I’d be happy to answer them if you’d email me at

See you soon!

Lots of love,

Dr. Adyan

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Joseph lee
Joseph lee
5 years ago

How much the dental bridge cost?