How to quick fix your slightly crooked teeth: Dr Nik.

Most patients that walked into our clinic for a consultation on composite veneers had at least visited our instagram page or webpage once. They were inspired by the makeovers done and was like almost 100% sure that their teeth can be treated with veneers too.

However, unfortunately not all cases can be treated with composite veneers. Moderate and severe crooked teeth are best or should I say can only be treated with braces. So, how mildly crooked that can be treated with composite veneers?

Here’s one that I recently did.

In this photo, you can see that the teeth are only slightly not in line or in dental word, malalign. Her two central teeth are in correct position but her two side ones are tucked slightly in. She would still look great without doing the treatment but definitely can look better with one. This is what mildly crooked is.

And this is her photo after composite veneers was done. The teeth look straighter now and obviously the smile is better.

So, now that you know that this kind of mildly crooked teeth can be enhanced with composite veneers , why don’t you come in for a treatment if you wish to correct one or tell your friends and relatives about this treatment and help them get one too.

It’s easy to set up an appointment with us…just call us at 0341071591/1590 and we can help you to set an appointment at any of our branch clinic. Hope to hear from you soon!

Dr Nik Roslin.

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