Regaining His Smile for the Interview – Dr. Adyan

“I just did this filling one month ago, and it fell off!”

It was clear that my patient was showing his frustration upon sitting on the dental chair.

Not only that the front tooth’s filling fell off, the lateral incisor (tooth at the side) was also badly decayed.

This was how he came to me:

The unsightly look of the decayed ‘blackish’ teeth was affecting his smile. And what’s worse was, he was going to go for an interview on the next day! He didn’t have any confidence to walk into his interview with a smile like that.

The badly decayed tooth was already ‘dead’ hence indicated for root canal treatment followed by internal bleaching to match the tooth shade to the adjacent tooth again. But he needed a temporary quick solution so that he would look better for his interview on the next day.

So we discussed his treatment options and decided to do composite veneers to re-shape and mask the dark colour of the decayed tooth, and continue with root canal treatment after he was finished with his interview.

He specifically requested to maintain the small gap that he had between the front teeth to make it look natural. I totally agreed with him, natural look was the best for him!

And this was how he looked after we were done:

He was so happy to regain his smile again in just one visit! He was beaming with confidence and it was evident by the way that he was smiling and talking to me and the staffs after he got his beautiful smile.

I was genuinely happy that I could help, and I wished him all the best for his coming interview.

It’s truly amazing how a smile could change someone’s life, right?

If you’ve got any problem with your teeth, take the brave first step to call us and let me guide you on your journey to a beautiful smile. You could also reach me at, I’ll be glad to be hearing from you!

See you soon!

Lots of love,

Dr. Adyan

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