Emi said goodbye to her shy smile: Dr Mawarni

Emi came all the way from Sabah.

She was referred to us by his own brother whom had done a smile
makeover previously.

She came recently to get her front decayed teeth fixed. Her brother is getting married in a week time, so she needed to be presentable for the event.
Initially, she was very shy with me.

“Hi Emi! How can I help you today,” I asked.

“I am very shy Doctor. Can you please fix my front teeth and some at the back?

I want to do the same treatment like my brother,” she said with her hand covering her mouth.

So, I went and check her brother’s previous treatment history.

“Oh, you mean you want to do composite veneers?” I asked again

“Yes!” she nodded.

Before treatment

As you can see from the ‘before treatment’ photos, she had several cavities in front. Also, she needed scaling and some fillings for her back teeth.

Since she is coming for the front teeth, I quickly advised her to proceed with full mouth scaling, fix her front teeth with composite veneers followed by a detail consultation for the rest.

She agreed with my plan. I usually do a detail consultation before proceeding to any treatment.

However, in cases where patients came from far away, and with high hope to have a beautiful smile, I would skip to the treatment that they wanted first to make them feel happy and fulfilled. That’s the reason for their visit anyway right.

After I completed the treatment for that day, which were scaling and 4 composite veneers.

She was thrilled with her new smile. No more sign of shyness.

After treatment

The ‘after treatment’ photos speak for itself. I am pretty confident she will not hesitate to smile since that day.

I took this opportunity to educate her about her overall oral health condition.

I advised her to do all the fillings as soon as possible. I hope she is motivated to takes better care of her oral health.

My mission was not only to craft a life changing smile for her, but also to make her more knowledgeable about her current situation.

I believe that knowledge is power- to overcome the past, to change our own situations, to fight new obstacles and to make better decisions.

Before she went back, she wrote a review saying she was really satisfied with the treatment and thanked me for her new smile.

Thank you Emi for your kind gesture. Congratulations for making that step, not only to change your smile but also your life for the better!!!

If you are interested to know more about this post, do email me at mawarni@story.drfauziah.com =)

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