Hello my dear readers. Above is the common question we get from our patients. You may also ask this question to yourself if you were about to do makeover with us. Well, to answer this, I can say it can last for a long time with a proper care of course!. πŸ™‚

Generally speaking, composite veneers will last 7-10 years and over this time, it may need some touch up work.  Do expect to spend a little on maintenance of composite veneers. However everyone is different, and if you insist on biting jawbreakers every day or you have severe grinding habits at night, my answer will be very different than for someone who doesn’t do that.

Before- You can see the accumulation of plaque on the surface of the veneers and teeth.

Tim, is a patient of mine that I did her composite veneers in 2012. I never saw her since then until a week ago. When I asked her whereabouts for the past 7 years, she just smile at me and said,” I’m around doctor. I just too scared to see you.”

I smiled back at her and asked her, ” What brings you back today?” “I need scaling doctor.” She said. ” Aren’t you afraid of me?” I teased her. She laughed and added ,” Of course. But I trust you.” That put a smile to my face. πŸ™‚

I did the full mouth examination for her and told her the good news. Tim only needed scaling and all her veneers was intact. I needed to polished her veneers though.

In just 30 minutes, I managed to do her scaling and I polished all her composite veneers as well. I took the ‘Before &After’ photo and showed it to Tim. She was all smiling and said, ” Thank you doctor. Now I can smile wide again. No more yellow teeth. I really thought I need to re-do it.” ” Nah…all you need to do is visit us every 6 months for your routine scaling and polishing and I can assure you , the veneers can last longer.”I added.

After- A cleaner and whiter teeth. No more yellowish stain.

Before Tim went off, I reminded her to keep flashing her new smile. β€œThat’s for sure doctor!” she said with a wide smile.

Thank you Tim for trusting me and Klinik Pergigian Fauziah. If you have any inquiries do email me at dini and I would gladly answer it.


Dr. Dini.

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