Broken Tooth Saved! – Dr Tan Swee Ling

Days ago, Lina spoke to our Clinic Manager over the phone, anxiously said she had a broken front tooth, and she needs it fix ASAP! Fortunately our Clinic Manager managed to scheduled her on the following day.

Line arrived early for her appointment the next day. As she was walking into the treatment room, I already spotted the broken tooth when we greeted each other.

Look how pitiful that tooth when presented to me

Lina is a mother of 2 young children. She shared with us how her children were teasing her for not brushing her teeth that resulted in her having a large hole on her tooth! We had a good laugh about it and I assured her, her tooth will be restored to its full glory with my help.

One cosmetic restoration, coming right up!

And that’s done! Would you have guessed which is it?

When the mirror was handed to her, it was the moment of truth.
*drum roll please*
” Wow “

That’s the satisfaction every dentist seeks.
When the patient is absolutely taken aback by the work we have done.
I am glad I was able to help bring back Lina’s beautiful smile again.

If you would like to reach me or have any queries, please drop me a mail at

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