Same Day, Same Person, Different Smile! – Dr. Adyan

One day, the clinic manager approached me to hand me the clinic’s phone. On the other side of the line was a lady who was very concerned about her front teeth that was broken badly, and she wants them to be replaced immediately.

After having a conversation with her on the phone, I managed to roughly understand her situation and asked her to come to the clinic so that I can personally examine her teeth.

On her appointment day,while conversing with her I noted how she was moving her lips very minimally so that her front teeth would not be shown – there was very low confidence in the way she talked.

We started with a thorough examination of her teeth. Two of her front teeth were badly decayed to a point that only the roots were left. All her other upper teeth had caries which made her smile unsightly.

After a discussion with her, she decided on taking out the two decayed roots but she also needed them to be replaced right away as she had an upcoming meeting with an important client.

We agreed on replacing the teeth with fibre-reinforced composite (FRC) bridge, and also do multiple composite veneers to improve the appearance of her other front teeth.

However due to the time restraint and her tight schedule; the teeth extraction, FRC bridge and one veneer were done on that day, and the other veneers would be continued on her next appointment.

Even with just the FRC bridge and one veneer, look at how much her smile improved! She was a much happier and brighter person right after we finished her treatment.

Voila! Look at that beautiful new smile!

She said thank you in such a wide smile and she was making jokes with the other staffs – honestly I felt so thrilled watching the improvement in her confidence in just one session. Just one visit to the dentist and you could feel better about your smile and yourself.

If you think there’s something to be improved about your smile, feel free to write to me at or you can book your appointment by calling the clinic at +603-26020402 now 🙂

See you soon!

Lots of love,
Dr. Adyan

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